The second paper from the workstreams on Access Equity and Future Care Pathways in which workstream members identified a ‘guiding star’ determining the direction of ongoing focus, defined achievable ‘near star’ milestones, and enablers and constraints to achieving these is now published.

The Access Equity workstream focused on identifying necessary changes in behaviour, mindsets, and narratives to achieve fair patient access, while the Future Care Pathways workstream emphasised timely interventions, diverse delivery methods, and data-driven decision-making for optimal healthcare outcomes.

Gacser Z, Skouw-Rasmussen N, Bourke S, ten Ham R, Hosszú D; EHC Think Tank. Short- and longer-term goals for change – A report from the 2nd workshops of the EHC Think Tank Workstreams on Access Equity and Future Care Pathways. J Haem Pract 2023; 10(1): 155-163.