The EHC Think Tank utilises a handful of powerful, systems change and human-centered design thinking tools to co-identify problems and to co-design potential solutions and trajectories for a positive future change.

On this page, we have compiled links to methods, tools, and places of inspiration that you may find helpful if you are intrigued to pursue systems change, collective impact, and design thinking.

Photo by Anni Roenkae

System change methods

For a general introduction to systems change we recommend you explore the separate resource page Systems Change.

Credit: Disrupt Design
Tools for Systems Thinkers: Systems Mapping
By Leyla Acaroglu
Donella Meadows’ leverage points (Source: based on Meadows, 1999; credit: UNDP/Carlotta Cataldi)
Identifying Leverage Points in a System
By David Ehrlichman
  • Birney, A. How do we know where there is potential to intervene and leverage impact in a changing system? The practitioners perspective. Sustain Sci 16, 749–765 (2021).

Design thinking tools

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